The app and mobile app have already proven successful. Nowadays, virtually everyone owns a smartphone or a tablet and uses it in a variety of ways. So, why not develop your own app? You can create fantastic, pioneering apps with a little bit of creativity. We are happy to support you in the design stage and even happier to help you turn your app into a reality

IOS, ANDROID or WIN8 – which platform should you choose? Or should your app run on all platforms? We are happy to offer you advice regarding meaningful representation and practical orientation in accordance with your specific requirements.

With mobile apps it is extremely important to plan the graphics in detail. Greater importance should be given to the usability of the app, as opposed to making it graphically appealing. Nevertheless, faster bandwidths and new technologies are also making it possible to produce GUIs that have richer graphics. This balancing act is often not an easy one but it is always a new challenge!